privacy-friendly Google Analytics alternative

15 Mar 2023 | in apps

15 Dec 2022

I have been trying to avoid using Google products if I can for the last decade.

For website analytics I have used Matomo in the past. It's a great open source alternative to Google Analytics, but it's a bit of an overkill and overpriced for my needs. Cancelled my subscription last year. My traffic is not high enough to have been an issue since.

I have come across Plausible though today, and at 9 EUR/month for up to 50 sites, it's an appealing proposition price-wise.
And they market it as more lightweight than Matomo, while being privacy-friendly, EU-based (and compliant), and open source.

Just implemented on my 3 sites: - see !projects/btobee - see !projects/notes - see !helpers/cv - see !projects/indexall though this one is a zombie site now - I wish I had the time to work on it again.

Let's see...

Exclude yourself from analytics

15 Mar 2023

Very happy with Plausible so far. Trying now to exclude myself from the analytics.

Using uBlock:

installed from:

with * block