29 Nov 2023 | in apps


29 Nov 2023

Best video settings for recording in OBS Studio
Now let’s optimize the video settings. Firstly, go to the Video tab on the left and set your Base and Output Resolutions to their maximums. If you are recording in 1080p, set both options to 1920x1080. You can downscale it if you feel like the quality of the recording process is unsatisfying (for instance, lagging).
The next step is to set the Downscale Filter to Lanczos (Sharpened scaling, 36 samples).
Now, go to the Advanced menu on the left to go through the last bits and pieces. Set the Process Priority to Above Normal and the Renderer to Direct3D 11. These are some minor adjustments that may be unnecessary in many cases.Finally, make sure the Code Format is set to NV12 and the Color Space to 709, then change the Color Range to Full. Please note, these settings are not optimal for streaming.

Changing the offline image

18 Feb 2024