Cold Email Software

07 Jul 2023

Been using it for a month, initially on the first tiers plan.

Working well, so just upgraded to the Hyper Growth plan at $97/month.


Bouncing of warmup emails

Getting more undeliverables of warmup emails than with Lemwarm.

Most seem to be soft bounces though.

Support's answer:

"The emails with hard bounce will be removed from warm up pool automatically.

Instantly algorithm uses a total of 3 third-party email verification services to check deliverability for newly connected warmup accounts (Zerobounce, Emailable, and Million Verifier).

If none of the three are able to verify deliverability, that's when we pause sending to the account (to prevent bounces for other accounts in the pool)."

Feedback & Feature ideas

Out of office process

Subsequence logic is not adequate:
- triggers after a fixed number of days though each OOO will be for a different number of days


  • ability to select a date for the subsequence to be tiggered when moving a lead manually to the OOO stage (ideally: automated date detection)
  • ability to finish the subsequence by moving the lead back to the main sequence, after the last email sent.

Word count in editor

To help hit sweetspot of 75-130 words (Lemlist stat)

Export sequences

Ability to export sequences to share with others.
Simple text format would be fine.


Ability to select different times per day (eg Sunday evening only, not day time)

Move to manual

Ability to move a lead to a "Manual" stage from the UI or ideally simply by Bccying a specific email address.

Lead search across all campaigns

eg enter string (email or part thereof) and see campaign(s) where it appears.

Global view of Activity / Emails sent by account

Import CSV: see campaign name

Anxiety inducing to not see the campaign name when importing a CSV:


Ability to mark as Bounced manually

Current campaign name in tab name

So multiple tabs/campaigns can be open and still know which campaign is which.

Mass lead status change

Select all and mark all leads as...

Sequence builder

Add a "Duplicate variant" button, to tweak slightly an existing copy.