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10 Sep 2021

If a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a video that would be worth a million words (GREAT product video):

The TL;DW:
1. voice cloning technology democratised
2. audio editing by editing just the transcript (removing words/sentences or adding them in the audio file)

It might not be perfect to start with, but give it time and it will be life-like.

Opens up lots of potential for good.. and for bad!

Looking forward to the Black Mirror episode that will use this in its plot 😁

19 Jul 2022
Launch of their "biggest update ever: a redesign of Descript built around a transformative new way of making video."

"Descript Storyboard - Welcome to the future of video editing"

- Scenes
- a complete redesign
- Templates
- Multitrack screen recording
- Green Screen: Put your video in any setting you want with Descript’s AI background removal
- Color control
- Visual effects
- New clip properties
- Rotate
- Crop
- Loop
- Reverse
- Mask
- Rounded corners
- Reflect
- Transparent video
- Gradients
- More transitions and animations
- Write mode: use Overdub to write your script in Descript, laying out visuals as you go. Then choose one of our ultra realistic text-to-speech voices, or swap it out with your own recording.