ChatGPT and the erosion of relationships

answer to a Linkedin post

10 Jan 2023 | in ai

10 Jan 2023

I had ChatGPT write an answer to your post (which was quite good) but decided to strengthen my relationship-building skills instead :)

I agree with you it will further erode people’s ability to build relationships - Gen Z shows already we are on that path.

But, long-term, I think technologies like ChatGPT have the potential to help people build better relationships, in an easier way.

So relationships will be built, just differently.

eg 10 years from now, if I want to build a relationship with a specific person (personal or business), my AI assistant can tell me what, how and when to communicate (based on social graph or other inputs) to be best aligned and resonating with that person.

Pushing the envelope, I see potential to help marriages too - where communication issues are the root cause for the breakdown of these life-critical relationships with sometimes devastating impact.

An "AI marriage assistant" sounds preposterous, but 20 years from now, I'd guess they could be commonplace.

Not the first time humans have had skills eroded as technologies have removed the need for them.

The only constant is change.

In any case, current state is just the infancy (a "Research release" in the case of Chat GPT) so we'll see...