Launch of ChatGPT

incredible buzz...

02 Dec 2022 | in ai

02 Dec 2022


"Something big is happening"

This tweet from Paul Graham summarises well the incredible buzz generated by the release of ChatGPT since Thursday.

From long-form answers to questions, emails, short stories, imagined conversations, and even poetry, the AI (model) is capable of generating seemingly any kind of text. Or code. And it's 🤯

It goes further than the GPT-3 model, which was already impressive.

Here you can ask it anything, and it will answer you.

And it remembers what you asked in the thread, so you can build on your questions or prompts with follow-ups.

Poetry reads like poetry, and stories like stories.

Code is generated that is syntactically correct, and can be run.
And it explains to you what it did (so you learn in the process)!

Text (or code) is generated in front of your eyes, like an ultra-fast typewriting correspondent.

"Google is dead!" is the sentiment I'm seeing on Twitter (though it's been dead for me for a while now, and I'm not sure to understand why Google has fallen so far behind in search experience in the last few years).
I have used alternatives for a while now, but after using ChatGPT it feels like this is just the beginning of a new era in search.

To say that I'm blown away by ChatGPT is an understatement - though I'm easily excited by new technologies, this is just a whole new level.

One limitation is that it's not "connected to the internet" (yet), ie it can only answer from the knowledge it has learned from the training data.

Not seeing much in the Linkedinverse about ChatGPT but that might just be my feed 🤷🏻‍♂️

Generative AI is the future of search.
Not only do I believe that but funnily enough the second half of the above sentence is what Github Copilot (an AI assistant) suggested after I typed "Generative AI is"!).
So I thought it and the AI completed my sentence. It did so because the sentences above are about the demise of Google Search.