Interview questions for leadership positions

  • Write down a list of your top achievements
  • Write down what value you offer an employee
  • Prepare a 60-second intro pitch that sells you

if you are interviewing

what average ACVs have you experience with?

if you are being interviewed

“Tell me about yourself”

Prepare a 60s pitch to answer the question "Tell me about yourself".

“My name is Nicolas Deville, but I go by Nic. I am a SaaS Sales Leader, Executive & an entrepreneur, living now in Germany after spending 10 years in London, and before that in France & Austria.
So I speak English (my primary language), French and German.

If I skip my early career in France, since 2008 I have:

  • been 2x VP Sales & Managing Director EMEA for SaaS companies who IPO'ed

first one was ON24 where I spent 7 years starting as a rep and ending up leading the EMEA region, with a team of 35 and generating $10m in ARR. IPO'ed in XXXX on the NYSE.

the other was Maestrano where I spent 18 months and was first man on the ground in EMEA. I built a team of 6-7 and closed Tier 1 Banks & Telcos on 7 figures deals. IPO'ed in XXXX on the London AIM.

  • then bootstrapped and sold 2x startups

one was a platform business called Convolus, in Business Aviation - a Groupon for private jet operators. sold to our US competitor in 2019.

the other was a RPA SaaS called OfficeBots to automate office tasks with email-based bots. sold to a US company in 2021.

As a VP EMEA, my speciality is helping early stage and high-growth SaaS firms scale across Europe.

"My biggest focus is driving annual SaaS revenues from zero to in excess of $10m, whilst building pan European Sales, Customer Success and Pre-sales teams of up to 35.
My customers are typically the major Telcos and large Internet Retailers.
I am here today, as I am open to discuss my next mission and your firm seems very appealing having recently raised $25m in VC and is looking to build a European team.
I believe my experience, employee and client network could accelerate your European revenues significantly to help you achieve your company’s goals”.

Questions to ask

what is your current average ACV?

Can I talk to some of your clients to get their feedback about your product?

Find a way to make it a smooth process.
The way I see it it's valuable whatever the answer is.
If no, then perhaps something to hide.
If yes it will confirm or not the potential and the opportunity to join that company.

average deal size.
close ratio.
lead source.
mql to close one ratio.
outbound lead close ratio.
average sales cycle length.

are you also considering internal candidates?

If they say yes, ask what advantages hiring an external candidate might bring to the position.
If they struggle to answer, there's a good chance you're wasting your time.


Key Business Metrics


Executive Team

Current (Sales) Team

Current (Sales) Process


Tech Stack

Exit Plan

Salary negotiations

(move to separate note once fleshed out)


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