Here the opportunities where I have declined and those ongoing where I am a likely candidate:

❌ CEO at listed AI startup from UK: chairman keen to get me but relocation to London / 60% travel time
❌ CCO at early stage virtual office software startup from Sweden: too early / equity play mostly / too many red flags / short runway
❌ CRO at established compliance SaaS startup: not excited about selling this product / ICP
❌ CRO at early stage Greentech platform from Spain: equity play mostly / low margins / not SaaS / not convinced about product & leadership
❌ VP/MD EMEA at established virtual events SaaS startup from US targeting Education vertical: looking just for a rep after all, small package
❌ CRO for predictive media monitoring platform from US: filled internally
❌ VP Sales EMEA at UK IOT startup: Services not SaaS + package not aligned with my expectations (150k Base with 6-18 months sales cycles = very low 1st year OTE)
🔵 Strategic Sales (Individual Contributor) at largest global professional services company, selling Revenue solutions to their top clients (7-8 figures deals only): still ongoing & considering

The last one would be a step back (IC), with a lower package than similar role at a SaaS company, but has some exciting aspects to it.


17 Feb 2023 RapidAPI | RVP Enterprise Sales, EMEA


28 Feb 2023 Voiceline

07 Mar 2023 CSO for Cyber vendor. Texted recruiter.